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What is Holistic Equine Assisted Learning?

Holistic is an approach to life which considers the whole person and how she/he interacts with his/her environment.

Equine Assisted means horses are our teachers, helpers and support workers.

Learning is gaining knowledge or skills through experience.

At HEAL all the exploring, discovering, and learning happens during interactive outdoor experiences with horses.

Your team of mentors (the herd and I) bring together a wealth of skills, experience, and empathy to assist you to explore your personal learning goals, your resources, and areas of your life where you may feel stuck or overwhelmed.

We’ll work together with one or more of our HEAL horses to explore any idea, life skill, challenge, feeling, sensation, or pattern of behaviour that has sparked your curiosity.

Nala and Denny are both rescue horses who have blossomed in their home and in their work at HEAL. They have welcomed our clients with open hearts, curiosity, playfulness, an incredible ability to mirror client feelings, and offer gentle guidance without judgement that gives our clients the courage to practice new skills or challenge old beliefs.

"You fill up my senses."
John Denver

Horses have taught me how to support myself whenever life’s challenges have left me feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If you are curious to learn new life skills or coping strategies, please give us a call on 0421 977 129.