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HeartSounds from the Herd

Join us on a gentle journey of self-discovery, connection, and healing with our new podcast on equine assisted learning. Presented by Anne Simpson and uploaded here quarterly, this podcast features her experience and knowledge about the transformative power of working with horses to promote personal growth and well-being. 

Tune in to HeartSounds for stories, photographs, mentoring, links, songs, and helpful information about the incredible connection between humans and horses. Together we’ll discover how equine assisted learning builds self-confidence, teaches us to trust our own senses, and supports curiosity to live in the moment like horses do. 

HeartSounds from the herd - June 2023

HeartSounds from the herd - October 2022

Horses have taught me how to support myself whenever life’s challenges have left me feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If you are curious to learn new life skills or coping strategies, please give us a call on 0421 977 129.