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HEAL programs

Horse Wisdom Program is for young people and adults who would like to build a reliable set of social, emotional, and leadership skills for personal growth and to support themselves when they feel stuck or overwhelmed. Horse Wisdom provides a solid grounded foundation to be true to yourself in your own life.

Connected Journey Program supports young people, adults, families, and carers impacted by cancer or serious illness. Cancer can really play havoc with our sense of connection to our family, friends, and even our own body. The HEAL horses can help you to regain connections in your life with gentle healing support.

Pegasus Program is a unique personalised program of experiences with the horses that supports young people and adults to spread their wings and soar in life. The Pegasus program is an excellent follow on from our Horse Wisdom program or a completely independent personalised program.

HERD mini program is a short course of four experiences over four weeks to support the people who support our communities especially our First Responders, Support Workers, and Allied Health Care professionals who offer their gentle strength and support to others. HERD mini program is the unique start to taking care of a very important person in your herd….you.

No prior experience with horses is needed for any of the HEAL programs. Every experience with the HEAL herd is from the ground. There is no riding or riding instruction. All you need is sturdy closed toe shoes or boots. Depending on the weather you may want to bring a hat, sunscreen, long pants, long sleeve top, or rain jacket.

Horse Wisdom program

The Horse Wisdom program is a program of seven experiences that explores a different topic for each experience to offer you a solid foundation of reliable life skills. Together with the herd you will have the time and space to be curious and completely yourself while you explore and practice:

Regulation – making informed choices about supporting ourselves to be either relaxed or active
Awareness – noticing the sensations in our bodies, our feelings and our environment
Boundaries – express our personal space, touch, & verbal boundaries with a Yes or No
Feelings – noticing, naming, and expressing our feelings safely & respectfully
Thinking – noticing and exploring our self-talk, what we say to others, and noticing our thoughts
Relationships – exploring relationship skills and what’s needed to have healthy relationships
Challenges – manage life’s obstacles with a creative combination of horse wisdom skills, asking for help, and your own strengths

Connected Journey program

The Connected Journey program supports youth, women, men, families, and carers affected by cancer or serious illness. The impact of cancer is often unexpected, frightening, and overwhelming. The impact of cancer especially during treatment and recovery can leave patients, and carers feeling disconnected from their families, friends, romantic relationships, daily routines, achieving personal goals, and even disconnected from their own body.

The impact of cancer may affect our:

The herd offers a place of no judgement where you and the horses set the pace for you to gently explore the impact cancer has in your life and discover ways to support yourself. Horses are wonderful teachers for living in the moment 24/7. Horses demonstrate ways to express our feelings safely and rediscover connection with our self and others.

Horses are living examples of perfect self-care and resilience.

Pegasus program

The Pegasus program offers our clients the opportunity and freedom to explore whatever personal themes or topics feel significant or inspires curiosity. Alongside the horses, you can practice new ways of thinking, behaving, leading, or ways of being completely yourself without judgement. Our Pegasus program aims to support clients to not just survive but thrive and soar in life. Clients are encouraged to help choose the theme or topic for each of their HEAL experiences. Together with your team of mentors (the horses and Anne) we can support you to:

Pegasus program has supported our client’s curiosity to explore topics such as: decision making, caring for others, working with our inner critic, welcoming our feelings, and diving deeper into understanding and modifying our unhelpful habits.

Pegasus program topics are as diverse as our client’s life experiences.

HERD mini program

The HERD mini program runs once a week for four weeks or fortnightly for eight weeks. HERD experiences are designed to support the people in our communities who support others. First Responders, Support Workers, Nurses, Teachers, Allied Health professionals, and Parents often put their own health and wellbeing aside while they support others.
Horses offer unique grounded ways of getting out of our heads, coming home to our heart and our five senses, and becoming our true selves. Come home with HEAL. 0421 977 129.