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Welcome to HEAL

Welcome to HEAL, Holistic Equine Assisted Learning where your mentors Anne, our herd of horses, and Mother Nature come together to offer a holistic approach to healing, learning, and counselling through hands on experiences with horses.
Anne and our horses will provide safe gentle opportunities for horse assisted learning, somatic/sensory awareness, counselling support, being present, emotional regulation, healthy relationship skills, and exploring any beliefs and behaviours that may be limiting our ability to live our best life.

We may have no control over why we need to heal, but we can control when and how we heal.

Our approach is trauma informed which provides safe spaces for awareness, curiosity, and practicing new skills with no judgement. Horses are intelligent, sensitive, majestic animals who are very attuned to our body language, emotional state, breathing and even our heart rate. This genuine biological connection with horses means, they see us as we truly are which is incredibly healing. Horse assisted learning and counselling experiences are held alongside our horses on a beautiful country property that immerses our senses with sights, scents, and sounds of the birds, wildlife, or farm animals that make their home there. The paddocks will be our “classroom” and together with the HEAL herd we’ll support you to connect or reconnect with yourself and others in ways that meets your unique learning, personal development, resilience, or counselling goals. Like horses, connection with others is crucial for our health and wellbeing, but stress, grief, illness, and other life challenges can cause many of us to feel disconnected from our feelings, our loved ones, and even our own body.

Connection may mean different things to different people, but our clients most commonly describe the connection they experience at HEAL as:

Not the ones speaking the same language, but
the ones sharing the same feeling understand each other.
- Rumi

Horses offer unique grounded ways of getting out of our heads, coming home to our heart and our five senses, and becoming our true selves. Come home with HEAL. 0421 977 129.