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About Holistic Equine Assisted Learning

Hi I’m Anne

Throughout my life humans, horses, and Mother Nature have been wonderful resources to support myself during life’s challenges. Holistic Equine Assisted Learning (HEAL) blends all three together beautifully and enables the herd and I to mentor clients to help them discover and develop life skills, support techniques, coping skills, and reliable resources of their own.

The most rewarding work we do at HEAL is supporting women, men, youth and their families to discover or re-discover connection in their life. Through our Horse Wisdom, Connected Journey, and Pegasus programs the horses and I support clients to experience true connection with themselves and others.

Stress, grief, change, illness, and other life challenges can cause many of us to feel disconnected from our own feelings, our own body, our family, our friends, our colleagues, nature and our own life journey.

Connection may mean different things to different people but our clients most commonly describe the connection they experience as:   

  • trusting in their own body and senses
  • feeling seen, heard, and valued
  • feeling accepted without judgement
  • noticing a new ability to just be in the moment
  • feeling appreciation to be in nature
  • acceptance of mutual boundaries in their relationships
  • a tangible shift in old patterns of behaviour
  • challenging old beliefs and perceptions about themselves

Nala and Denny are both rescue horses who have blossomed in their home and in their work at HEAL. They have welcomed our clients with open hearts, curiosity, playfulness, an incredible ability to mirror client feelings, and offer gentle guidance without judgement that gives our clients the courage to practice new skills or challenge old beliefs.

I am a certified Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) and work with the EPI model ( I have completed advanced training in Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning practices at EPI and Trauma Informed support techniques through RFS and other professional registered training providers.  

EPI practitioners maintain their professional accreditation through continuous professional development and education including training, regular supervision, and personal work.

Prior to becoming an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner, I was a teacher, trainer, and mentor for over 25 years in the tertiary education sector at universities in Australia and Canada. I am principal photographer and owner of Pink Turtle Photography

I am an active volunteer with Rural Fire Service (RFS) and NSW Marine Rescue. HEAL is proud to support Love Your Sister and CanTeen Australia. Based in the Shoalhaven near Nowra, NSW my husband Mark and I enjoy a quiet lifestyle of fishing, walking our dogs, travelling, and of course hanging out with our herd.

Holistic Equine Assisted Learning (HEAL) welcomes all clients who’d like to explore personal development goals, life skills, impact of cancer, patterns of behaviour, or any feelings of being stuck in some area of your life.

NSW:  Working with Children Check  WWC1877314E
ACT:    Working with Vulnerable People  0000063762

"A scar is proof that healing has occurred.”

Horses have taught me how to support myself whenever life’s challenges have left me feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If you are curious to learn new life skills or coping strategies, please give us a call on 0421 977 129.